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  Item Type Title Author Year
Monographie Feynman categories Ralph M. Kaufmann & Benjamin C. Ward 2017
Monographie The master field on the plane Thierry Lévy 2017
Monographie The cubic Szegő equation and Hankel operators Sandrine Grellier, Patrick Gérard 2017
Monographie Arithmétique p-adique des formes de Hilbert F. Andreatta, S. Bijakowski, A. Iovita,...[et al.] 2016
Monographie Subanalytic sheaves and Sobolev spaces Stéphane Guillermou, Gilles Lebeau, Adam Parusiński,...[et al.] 2016
Monographie Introduction to graphical modelling David Edwards 2000
Monographie Graphical models in applied multivariate statistics Joe Whittaker 2008
Thèse Modélisation et simulation d'écoulements transitoires eau-vapeur en approche bifluide Hippolyte Lochon 2016
Monographie Hitting probabilities for nonlinear systems of stochastic waves Robert C. Dalang, Marta Sanz-Solé 2015
Monographie On the theory of weak turbulence for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation M. Escobedo, J. J. L. Velázquez 2015
Monographie Spectral means of central values of automorphic L-functions for GL(2) Masao Tsuzuki 2015
Monographie Period functions for maass wave forms and cohomology R. Bruggeman, J. Lewis, D. Zagier 2015
Monographie Multiple Hilbert transforms associated with polynomials Joonil Kim 2015
Monographie Critical population and error threshold on the sharp peak landscape for a Moran model Raphaël Cerf 2015
Monographie Local entropy theory of a random dynamical system Anthony H. Dooley, Guohua Zhang 2015
Monographie Julia sets and complex singularities of free energies Jianyong Qiao 2015
Monographie Shock waves in conservation laws with physical viscosity Tai-Ping Liu, Yanni Zeng 2015
Monographie Nonlinear stability of Ekman boundary layers in rotating stratified fluid Hajime Koba 2014
Monographie Operator-valued measures, dilations, and the theory of frames Deguang Han, David R. Larson, Bei Liu...[et al.] 2014
Monographie Stochastic flows in the brownian web and net Emmanuel Schertzer, Rongfeng Sun, Jan M. Swart 2014
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