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  Item Type Title Author Year
Monographie Introduction to singularities and deformations G.-M. Greuel, C. Lossen, E. Shustin 2007
Monographie Voevodsky motives and l dh-descent Shane Kelly 2017
Monographie Topics in differential geometry edited by Shiu-Yuen Cheng and Lizhen Ji 2017
Monographie The dynamical Mordell-Lang conjecture for polynomial endomorphisms of the affine plane Junyi Xie 2017
Monographie The realization space of an unstable coalgebra Georg Biedermann, Georgios Raptis, Manfred Stelzer 2017
Congrès Estimation and testing under sparsity Sara van de Geer 2016
Congrès Directed polymers in random environments Francis Comets 2017
Congrès Mathematics of energy and climate change Edited by Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Rolf Jeltsch, Alberto Adrego Pinto and Marcelo Viana 2015
Monographie An invitation to algebraic geometry Karen E. Smith, Lauri Kahanpää, Pekka Kekäläinen, William Traves 2000
Congrès Branching random walks Zhan Shi 2015
Congrès Random obstacle problems Lorenzo Zambotti 2017
Congrès Large deviations for random graphs Sourav Chatterjee 2017
Monographie The arithmetic of dynamical systems Joseph H. Silverman 2007
Monographie Classical algebraic geometry Igor V. Dolgachev 2012
Monographie Tata lectures on theta David Mumford 2007
Monographie A free boundary problem for the localization of eigenfunctions Guy David, Marcel Filoche, David Jerison, Svitlana Mayboroda 2017
Monographie From classical to modern algebraic geometry edited by Gianfranco Casnati, Alberto Conte, Letterio Gatto,...[et al.] 2016
Monographie Geometries and groups V. V. Nikulin, I. R. Shafarevich 1994
Monographie Oeuvres - collected papers I Jean-Pierre Serre 2003
Monographie JSJ decomposition of groups Vincent Guirardel, Gilbert Levitt 2017
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