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100    _a20181204              frey50       
200    _aBurgers-KPZ turbulence
       _eGöttingen lectures
       _fWojbor A. Woyczyński
210    _aBerlin
225    _9180169
       _aLecture notes in mathematics
300    _aThis book summarizes recent results on Burgers equation with random data and related topics. These notes are written as 8 lectures: Shock waves and large scale structure of the Universe; Hydrodynamic limits, nonlinear diffusions, propagation of chaos; Hopf-Cole formula and its asymptotic analysis; Statistical description, parabolic approximation; Hyperbolic approximation and the inviscid limit; Forced Burgers turbulence; Passive tracer transport in Burgers’ and related flows; Fractal Burgers KPZ models. This book will be of interest to mathematicians and physicists who use partial differential equations theory and random fields. (Zentralblatt)
686    _20
       _bProbability theory and stochastic processes -- Stochastic analysis
       _xStochastic partial differential equations
686    _20
       _bProbability theory and stochastic processes -- Stochastic processes
       _xRandom fields
686    _20
       _bProbability theory and stochastic processes -- Special processes
       _xOther physical applications of random processes
686    _20
       _bPartial differential equations -- Miscellaneous topics
       _xPartial differential equations with randomness, stochastic partial differential equations
686    _20
       _bDynamical systems and ergodic theory -- Applications
       _xDynamical systems in fluid mechanics, oceanography and meteorology
700    _4070
       _bWojbor Andrzej
856    _uhttp://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/BFb0093107
856    _uhttp://zbmath.org/?q=an:0919.60004
856    _uhttp://www.ams.org/mathscinet-getitem?mr=1732301
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