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200    _aComplex analysis, Joensuu 1987
       _eproceedings of the XIIIth Rolf Nevanlinna-Colloquium, held in Joensuu, Finland, Aug. 10-13, 1987
       _fIlpo Laine, Tuomas Sorvali, Seppo Rickman 
210    _aBerlin
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       _aLecture notes in mathematics
300    _aContents: G. D. Anderson, M. K. Vamanamurthy and M. Vuorinen, Inequalities for the extremal distortion function (pp. 1–11); Cabiria Andreian Cazacu, Complete Klein coverings of Klein surfaces of characteristic 0. I (pp. 12–22); Vladislav V. Aseev [V. V. Aseev] and Anatoliĭ V. Syčev [A. V. Sychev], Quasiconformal extension of plane quasi-Möbius embeddings (pp. 23–27); Rauno Aulaskari and Peter Lappan, Some integral conditions involving the spherical derivative (pp. 28–37); Ilie Bârză, The dianalytic morphisms of the Klein bottles (pp. 38–51); B. Bojarski, Remarks on Sobolev imbedding inequalities (pp. 52–68); M. A. Bracalova, A generalization of the Teichmüller theorem (pp. 69–77); R. H. Cameron and D. A. Storvick, Unbounded Feynman integrable functionals defined in terms of analytic functions (pp. 78–92); Robert L. Devaney and Linda Keen, Dynamics of maps with constant Schwarzian derivative (pp. 93–100); Timo Erkama, Rational Riemann maps (pp. 101–109).
   Jacqueline Ferrand, A characterization of quasiconformal mappings by the behaviour of a function of three points (pp. 110–123); Jaroslav Fuka, On a class of univalent functions (pp. 124–139); Janusz Godula and Maria Nowak, Integral means of α-strongly starlike functions (pp. 140–145); Hà Huy Khoái and My Vinh Quang, On p-adic Nevanlinna theory (pp. 146–158); W. K. Hayman, Ahlfors' theorem on asymptotic values and some developments from it (pp. 159–168); Dennis A. Hejhal, Regular b-groups and repeated Dehn twists (pp. 169–192); David A. Herron, Metric boundary conditions for plane domains (pp. 193–200); Teruo Ikegami, Compactifications of harmonic spaces and Hunt processes (pp. 201–213); Wolfram Koepf, Convex functions and the Nehari univalence criterion (pp. 214–218); Tapani Kuusalo, A Green formula with multiplicities (pp. 219–222).
   Heinz Leutwiler, A Riemannian metric invariant under Möbius transformations in Rn (pp. 223–235); Jouni Luukkainen, Deformation of one-dimensional quasisymmetric embeddings (pp. 236–242); Thomas A. Metzger, On the exponent of convergence for infinitely generated Fuchsian groups (pp. 243–251); Nguyen Xuan Loc, The relation between the bounded point derivation and the fine derivation (pp. 252–264); Craig A. Nolder and Daniel M. Oberlin, Moduli of continuity and a Hardy-Littlewood theorem (pp. 265–272); Osmo Pekonen, A short proof of a theorem of Ahlfors (pp. 273–278); H. Renggli, Remarks on the Picard theorem (pp. 279–284); Yum Tong Siu, Nonequidimensional value distribution theory (pp. 285–311); Wayne Smith [Wayne Stewart Smith] and David A. Stegenga, Poincaré domains in the plane (pp. 312–327); Kenneth Stephenson, Concerning the Gross star theorem (pp. 328–338).
   Nobuyuki Suita, On harmonic majorization (pp. 339–343); Pekka Tukia, Homeomorphic conjugates of Fuchsian groups: an outline (pp. 344–353); Alfred Wohlhauser, Konforme und quasikonforme Abbildungen und das Krümmungsverhalten von Kurvenscharen [Conformal and quasiconformal mappings and the curvature behavior of families of curves] (pp. 354–361); Bi Yun Yao, Carleson measure and BMO interpolation (pp. 362–370); M. L. Ben Yattou, Extending plurisubharmonic and holomorphic functions (pp. 371–378). 
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       _bFunctions of a complex variable
       _xProceedings, conferences, collections, etc.
686    _20
       _bPotential theory
       _xProceedings, conferences, collections, etc.
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       _bSeveral complex variables and analytic spaces
       _xProceedings, conferences, collections, etc.
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       _aRolf Nevanlinna colloquium
       _eJoensuu, Finlande
856    _uhttp://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/BFb0081236
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