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       _aOrdinary differential equations
       _fDavid G. Schaeffer, John W. Cain
       _ebasics and beyond
210    _cSpringer
       _aNew York
       _dcop. 2016
215    _a1 vol. (XIII-542 p.)
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       _aTexts in applied mathematics
300    _aPublisher's description: "This book develops the theory of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), starting from an introductory level (with no prior experience in ODEs assumed) through to a graduate-level treatment of the qualitative theory, including bifurcation theory (but not chaos). While proofs are rigorous, the exposition is reader-friendly, aiming for the informality of face-to-face interactions.
   "A unique feature of this book is the integration of rigorous theory with numerous applications of scientific interest. Besides providing motivation, this synthesis clarifies the theory and enhances scientific literacy. Other features include: (i) a wealth of exercises at various levels, along with commentary that explains why they matter and (ii) a dedicated website with software templates, problem solutions, and other resources supporting the text and (iii) a large number and variety of illustrations. Given its many applications, the book is suitable for senior undergraduates and graduate students in mathematics and science and engineering courses. The thoughtful presentation, which anticipates many confusions of beginning students, makes the book suitable for a teaching environment that emphasizes self-directed, active learning (including the so-called inverted classroom).'' 
320    _aBibliogr. p. 529-536. Index
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       _tTexts in applied mathematics
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       _bOrdinary differential equations
       _xInstructional exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.)
686    _20
       _bOrdinary differential equations -- General theory
       _xExplicit solutions and reductions
686    _20
       _bOrdinary differential equations -- General theory
       _xInitial value problems, existence, uniqueness, continuous dependence and continuation of solutions
686    _20
       _bOrdinary differential equations -- General theory
       _xLinear equations and systems, general
686    _20
       _bOrdinary differential equations -- General theory
       _xNonlinear equations and systems, general
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       _bDavid G.
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       _bJohn W.
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