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       _aProbability on trees and networks
       _fRussell Lyons, Yuval Peres
210    _cCambridge University Press
       _aNew York (N.Y.)
215    _a1 vol. (XV-699 p.)
       _cill. en noir et en coul., couv. ill. en coul.
225    _9172991
       _aCambridge series in statistical and probabilistic mathematics
300    _aPublisher’s description: Starting around the late 1950s, several research communities began relating the geometry of graphs to stochastic processes on these graphs. This book, twenty years in the making, ties together research in the field, encompassing work on percolation, isoperimetric inequalities, eigenvalues, transition probabilities, and random walks. Written by two leading researchers, the text emphasizes intuition, while giving complete proofs and more than 850 exercises. Many recent developments, in which the authors have played a leading role, are discussed, including percolation on trees and Cayley graphs, uniform spanning forests, the mass-transport technique, and connections on random walks on graphs to embedding in Hilbert space. This state-of-the-art account of probability on networks will be indispensable for graduate students and researchers alike.
320    _aBibliogr. p. 648-686. Index
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       _aCambridge University Press
       _tCambridge series in statistical and probabilistic mathematics
676    _a2010
686    _20
       _bProbability theory and stochastic processes -- Combinatorial probability
       _xCombinatorial probability
686    _20
       _bCombinatorics -- Graph theory
686    _20
       _bCombinatorics -- Graph theory
       _xRandom graphs
686    _20
       _bProbability theory and stochastic processes -- Markov processes
       _xBoundary theory
686    _20
       _bCombinatorics -- Graph theory
       _xSmall world graphs, complex networks
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       _bRussell David
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