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       _aFrom classical to modern algebraic geometry
       _fedited by Gianfranco Casnati, Alberto Conte, Letterio Gatto,...[et al.]
       _eCorrado Segre's mastership and legacy
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225    _aTrends in the history of science
300    _aThis book commemorates the 150th birthday of Corrado Segre, one of the founders of the Italian School of Algebraic Geometry and a crucial figure in the history of Algebraic Geometry. It is the outcome of a conference held in Turin, Italy. One of the book's most unique features is the inclusion of a previously unpublished manuscript by Corrado Segre, together with a scientific commentary. Representing a prelude to Segre's seminal 1894 contribution on the theory of algebraic curves, this manuscript and other important archival sources included in the essays shed new light on the eminent role he played at the international level. Including both survey articles and original research papers, the book is divided into three parts: section one focuses on the implications of Segre's work in a historic light, while section two presents new results in his field, namely Algebraic Geometry. The third part features Segre's unpublished notebook: Sulla Geometria Sugli Enti Algebrici Semplicemente Infiniti (1890-1891). This volume will appeal to scholars in the History of Mathematics, as well as to researchers in the current subfields of Algebraic Geometry.
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       _tTrends in the history of science
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