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       _aMomentum Maps and Hamiltonian Reduction
       _fJuan-Pablo Ortega, Tudor S. Ratiu
210    _cBirkhauser
       _dcop. 2004
215    _a1 vol. (XXXIV-497 p.)
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225    _9169097
       _aProgress in mathematics
320    _aBibliogr. p. [443]-476. Index
330    _aPublisher’s description: The use of symmetries and conservation laws in the qualitative description of dynamics has a long history going back to the founders of classical mechanics. In some instances, the symmetries in a dynamical system can be used to simplify its kinematical description via an important procedure that has evolved over the years and is known generically as reduction. The focus of this work is a comprehensive and self-contained presentation of the intimate connection between symmetries, conservation laws, and reduction, treating the singular case in detail. The exposition reviews the necessary prerequisites, beginning with an introduction to Lie symmetries on Poisson and symplectic manifolds. This is followed by a discussion of momentum maps and the geometry of conservation laws that are used in the development of symplectic reduction.

Table of contents: Introduction. Manifolds and smooth structures. Lie group actions. Pseudogroups and groupoids. The standard momentum map. Generalizations of the momentum map. Regular symplectic reduction theory. The Symplectic Slice Theorem. Singular reduction and the stratification theorem. Optimal reduction. Poisson reduction. Dual Pairs. Bibliography. Index.

The book can serve as a resource for graduate courses and seminars in Hamiltonian mechanics and symmetry, symplectic and Poisson geometry, Lie theory, mathematical physics, and as a comprehensive reference resource for researchers.
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       _tProgress in mathematics
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       _bDifferential geometry -- Symplectic geometry, contact geometry
       _xMomentum maps; symplectic reduction
686    _20
       _bDynamical systems and ergodic theory -- Finite-dimensional Hamiltonian, Lagrangian, contact, and nonholonomic systems
       _xGeneral theory, relations with symplectic geometry and topology
686    _20
       _bDynamical systems and ergodic theory -- Finite-dimensional Hamiltonian, Lagrangian, contact, and nonholonomic systems
       _xSymmetries, invariants, invariant manifolds, momentum maps, reduction
686    _20
       _bMechanics of particles and systems -- General models, approaches, and methods
       _xDifferential-geometric methods
686    _20
       _bMechanics of particles and systems -- Hamiltonian and Lagrangian mechanics
       _xSymmetries and conservation laws, reverse symmetries, invariant manifolds and their bifurcations, reduction
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       _bTudor Stefan
856    _uhttp://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-1-4757-3811-7
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