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200    _aAlgebraic topology
       _fNguyen H.V. Hung, Lionel Schwarz, editors
       _eVIASM 2012-2015
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215    _a1 vol. (VII-178 p.)
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       _aLecture notes in mathematics
300    _aExpanded papers from the courses held at the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM), Hanoi, 2012–2015
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330    _aPublisher’s description: Held during algebraic topology special sessions at the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics (VIASM, Hanoi), this set of notes consists of expanded versions of three courses given by G. Ginot, H.-W. Henn and G. Powell. They are all introductory texts and can be used by PhD students and experts in the field.

Among the three contributions, two concern stable homotopy of spheres: Henn focusses on the chromatic point of view, the Morava K(n)-localization and the cohomology of the Morava stabilizer groups. Powell’s chapter is concerned with the derived functors of the destabilization and iterated loop functors and provides a small complex to compute them. Indications are given for the odd prime case. Providing an introduction to some aspects of string and brane topology, Ginot’s contribution focusses on Hochschild homology and its generalizations. It contains a number of new results and fills a gap in the literature.
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       _tLecture notes in mathematics
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       _bAlgebraic topology
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       _bAlgebraic topology -- Homotopy theory
       _xString topology
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       _bAlgebraic topology -- Homotopy groups
       _xStable homotopy of spheres
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       _bAlgebraic topology -- Operations and obstructions
       _xSteenrod algebra
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       _bCategory theory; homological algebra
       _xHomological algebra
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       _bNguyễn H.V.
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